Who we are

Our group was founded in the fall of 2004 in the northen region of the Czech Republic. The name Wanbli Ohitika is to honor Oscar Brave Eagle (died 2004), the Lakhota Tribal member who provided a great support to our lead singer Chetan Thosan during his visit at Lakhota Reservations in years 2001 and 2003. In the spring of 2006, after nearly two years of practice, Wanbli Ohitika takes a premiere at a Pow-Wow in Grimma (Germany). We were granted decent compliments and got invited for the next annual, which encouraged us to work even harder.

In the begining we played at home of our lead singer 4 hour a week during two years. Most of the time we spent in learning singing technics and beats. Also we translated numerous old Lakhota songs, so we know what we sing, and we know history and meaning most of these old song as well. Lately we find better place for our tranings which is traning room for actors in one of our famous Prague theatre - Dejvick√© divadlo. There we find understandig people and good hinterland for us. 

Since we participated on Pow wow's, we brought different rythm and voices learned from Native singers, which was in some Europien Pow Wow's unusual. Unfortunately in our country we received several complaints from orginizers that we are playing too fast, but in other countries our style was very welcomed. So we decided to keep our style and we traveled arround having more experiences. During our trips we find many our fun's who likes our singing and they encourage us to learn more and also we feel responsible to them.

Today we have over 55 songs done, and others are on the way. During last two years we compose a few own songs. More over many people asked for our CD, but we had no any, bacause we thought that's not neccesary. After time we decided to make one for our fun's and so in 2013 we made it. 

Many times was discused our image. We love humor and we are very ironicly oriented persons. We take everything with exaggeration, for instance we looks like rock people, but finaly we played very old song. We know how life is hard, so we make it easy and fun for us and others. 

Some times we have oportunity to do more than only singing. We are visiting nursing houses for seniors and we make a good day for them or we makes program for the children. All these activities we make for free. Only once a year we make a program for some fees, but these is just symbolic support for our travel epxensis. 

We feel very responsible for the quality of our singig, we respect Native ways and we learn as much as we can. We believe, that songs are for people, keeping people together. We keep high ethics to Native people.